Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where Will It End? Goddess Only Knows.

News outlets reported that starting in October a female will fufill the role of Thor, Norse god of thunder, heretofore filled by a man, Thor Odinson.

Fox newscasters lost their minds, complaining this a threat to marriage and traditional gender roles while the universe said, "Hell yeah," and Goddess sez maybe I can finally get help folding wash.

The female Thor will of course get 75% the pay of male demigods, have contreception coverage stripped from Asgardian health insurance, and get no paid paternity leave, which leaves foreign goddesses snickering behind our female gods faces, especially that mouthy bitch Kali except our female Thor would totally kick Kali's ass.

Republicans came out behind female goddesses, as long as they don't get all bitchy and whine about human rights.

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