Saturday, July 12, 2014

(UnderConstruction)Springsteen, Relevant Again

Haven't listened to Springsteen in years, leaving him behind with the rest of my dreams in the 1980's about my success and finding a love like my first, Wendy Hall.

But life and failure and disapointment and reality reared their ugly heads, carrying me to Meggido all just broken, bare bones.

Then monthly Samaritans brought Bruce's new album, and it kicked me in the balls.

From first tune on the album, the title tune "High Hope," it reached out and grabbed. They amplified a Bo Diddly beat to make a song of a shred of hope amongst despair. The song had an actual bottom end, the kind a subwoofer would use to shake my sternum and piss off the neighbors.

YEAH! Rock and freaking roll!

The addition of Tom Morello-the Nightwatchman and also Rage against the Machine guitarist-- gave the album a harder edge, mostly. If you've seen Tom and Bruce do "Ghost of Tom Joad" on R & R Hall of Fame you might know what the album feels like.

Even the ballads have an edge. @"American Skin" first recorded over a decade ago recounts the true story of Amadou Diallo, shot at 41 times by police officersn stoop. The 4 officers only managed to hit him 19 times.

:hat sufficed to end Diallo's life.

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