Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Government CAN!

Government can, can land men on the moon. Yesterday, July 21, marked the 45th anniversary of the lunar landing of 2 men.

NASA, a government agency, marshalled the engineering power of a nation; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration gave myriads of contracts to the lowest bidder and, working to a common goal and with set standards accomplished an engineering feat which ranks among the greatest of human history. The placque and flag on the moon will not weather; they may well outlast the pyramids as markers of the human race at our best.

All the accoutrements of modern times--the ubiquitous cell phones, velcro, transistors, the inter-Damn-net--came from the space program. "Modern" numbnuts know nothing numbskulls, having starved NASA of funds necessary to forge ahead in space explroration, now say NASA cannot meet any g als.

To that, I say piffle. Even if the Republican'ts, the do nothing party, filibuster family, party of treason, children of the space race, even though they have forgotten that very same space race, I say yes we can. We could accomplish great things if we work together.

Yes we can!

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