Sunday, July 6, 2014

Glenn Beck Concedes to Liberals

Why do I let it bother me about neo-coservatives: their sheer arrogance, unmitigated gall, refusal to admit error and take responsibility, their their (splutter, gag, words failing...) chutzpah?

When such a chickenhawk chickenshit cheerleader for war as Glenn Beck has a come to Jesus moment and admits the hippy liberals' criticism of President Cheney 's Iraq war correct, you'd think the neocon nincompoops who got literally everything wrong would at least slink off to their crypts and shut the fuck up. STFU!


Undead vampire ex Presidente Dick Cheney rises from his crypt, licks blood from his fangs and blames Obama, echoed by a tragic Greek chorus of fools: L. Paul Bremer (the man who put the armed Iraqi armed forces and police out of work), the once and still would be king of Iraq Ahmed Chalabi, and Douglas Feith (the stupidest fucking guy on the planet, and Zalmay Khalilzad, among others.

Now these fools and western media point solely to religion as cause for these wars, ignoring decades of coexistence of Shia with Sunni as described inSalam Pax's blog.

We forget at our peril how certain evildoers manipulate and pervert religions to their own ends, to procure and hold onto power like Al Maliki, current Iraqi prime minister but once a butcher shop owner in exile in Egypt picked by Khalizay to run Iraq. Google the Harper's article; I'm sore tired typing out hrefs.

Read truth there and recounted by Robert Fisk at the London Independent.

Then read Chalmers Johnson views on the decline of Empire America, wasting blood and treasure on vain attempts to control oil.

Blood, so much blood, I weep.

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