Friday, July 17, 2015

Caitlyn Could Kick Ass Still

As a good little liberal. it seems you must count me among those who stand for the rights of every individual to define themselves, as long as such individuals do not trespass against the persons of rights of others.  So if Bruce Jenner wants to call himself Caitlyn and grow his hair long, more power to him.

Hell with ny long hair, i might start styling myself as Empress of the Universe--except for the fact of holding on to my male gender, even if resigning myself to an ascetic, asexual, amoral existence.

Others,,, however, do not try to practive tolerance and acceptance of the the humanity of others.  Thus when a transgendered person gets angered by a haters' comment, part of me wanted to see the hater become the hunted and get his right wing transphobic ass kicked.

Not exactly charitable on my part but if haters gonna hate they can also reap what they sow.

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