Monday, July 27, 2015

First Grateful Dead Album

UNDER CONSTRUCTION-Check back later this week

First, the album starts off with my favorite Dead song ever, perhaps because it reminds me of 2 girls in particular: the firt loved in college before I could even talk to ladies and the econd my favorite, literate baartender who ignored my great charm, intellect, and sense of humour and who thoroughly spurned my advances:
See that girl, barefootin' along,
Whistlin' and singin', she's a carryin' on.
There's laughing in her eyes, dancing in her feet....
C'est la vie.

Next, although skeptical of painting metaphors with a broad brush, perhaps the album embodied the era and start of so-called hippy culture: carefree, dancing along, and with this band one sort of must mention  LSD as an influence.

Although in the current era "drugs" have become considered "evil" and "bad."

"it's a valiant attempt to corral the group's hydra-headed psychedelic jug-band music "

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