Monday, July 27, 2015

On Vacation in Cape Canaveral, FL

Water has always played a large part in my life; rain, the ocean, and rivers flowing have always calmed me, providing handy metaphors for phases of my life.  So if you find yourself sick on the Space Coat of Florida, you might want to try Cape Canaveral hospital.  Surrounded on all sides by water, almost every room has a great view.

With only a mild kidney infection however, it means they won't let me stay long.  Soon, you'll find me at a nursing home; Island Health and Rehabilitation, a fine place in many ways but facing the same limitations as other for profit institutions, chief among them hiring decent workers while paying low wages.  Shareholders must profit off the misery of patients by warehousing them and collecting Medicare and Medicaid payments as well as confiscating our disability checks.

As with perhaps many places of employment, Island Health has humans working with only some caring about their patients and working hard while others just walk around ignoring patient call lights and caring little 'bout the people they get paid to care for.

One spiteful little troll nursing assistant in particular told me the reason for my paralysis came because God hates me.

I feel like that sometimes, most times, but her verbalizing that comes as highly unprofessional and just plain wrong.

Nevertheless while  wishing to live in Canaveral hospital ER in the land of tall, gorgeous blond nurses, must return to real life at Island Health and No Rehabilitation, charting my own course towards increased independence.

Fuck everyone who stands in my way, as their shins will get hit by my wheelchair footrests as i try to run them over.


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