Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hello Internet. Did you miss me?

Apparently no one missed me; no one cared enough to email.  Abandoned by my family, left behind by friends, ignored and abused by nursing home staff where I currently reside leaves me singing Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me.

Nevertheless, do I care?

Hell no, I don't give a shit; with my narcisism and borderline psychopathic tendencies I function on my own,: no love, no mercy, no peace, and thus really no limits on what I can do save the limits of the law, which did give me my first trespass warning on 3 July.  Good times.

Bunches of stuff happened in my time of sorrow and no intertubes connection because maintenance sucks eggs here.  Ba stards.  But all fixed now, reading news, and slowly back to my normal sunny self.

We have Donnie "Blowhard" Billionaire" Trump sticking both entire legs in his hypocritical mouth and Republicans fled in droves, the Grateful Dead played their last shows (everyone was completely sober,  even "Bear" Owlsey Stanley), the United States Womens Soccer team won the World Cup--USA, USA, USA--and last but certainly not the least the US Supreme Court stepped up and did the right thing by upholding the Affordable Care Act and establishing the right of humans of the same sex to marry and have equal rights with their straight sisters and brothers.

Yay the Supreme Court does the progressive thing!

Owsley's ashes on Dead's soundboard at last show

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