Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And I Thought My Marriage Ended Badly

Golly, at least, I never got beaten, tasered, and dragged behind a moving vehicle.  Compared to that, sleeping with a butcher knife under my pillow in case my wife's ex con boyfriend made it 30 miles from Apopka during hurricane Charlie ranks as small stuff.

The 911 call was released in the case of a Volusia County man who was dragged behind a truck and nearly beaten to death by his ex-wife and two others, deputies said.

Investigators said they believe the attack was sparked by the victim's jealous ex-wife.

The man had been staying at hisex-wife's house to watch her animals while she was away.

But he reportedly had a woman over and that caused a jealous rage, according to a report.

Deputies said Jeanette Morris, 61, and her brother, Harold Anderson, 63, along with their friend, Joan Hobart, 46, tried to kill Morris' ex-husband, Robert Hall, 54.

Investigators said Hall was shocked with a stun gun, beaten and dragged behind a pickup truck before he escaped to neighbor Tyler Shelvin's home.]

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