Monday, January 14, 2013

Buy an iPad and Kill a Puppy

Because we in the united States of Rampant Consumerism value our pets more than our fellow humans, their dignity, worth, and well being.

For every iPad, iPhone, and Apple gizmo made comes from Chinese sweatshops where workers labor under horrendous conditions, so bad that authorities had to install nets around multi-story dormitories because workers would rather throw them selves to their deaths rather than endure such conditions.

Now, they have risen in protest.


[IDG News Service - More than 1,000 workers reportedly went on strike at a Foxconn supplier in China demanding better pay. Riot police are said to have responded by suppressing the protest.

The workers strike occurred at a company called Jiangxi Xin Hai Yang Precision Components, located in the city of Fengcheng, according to labor protection group Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM). The strike started last Thursday and then continued into the next day, causing a large crowd of workers to block access to a main street in the city.

Chinese media reports and microblogs posted pictures of the protest, showing riot police gathered in the streets. A video of the event was also posted online....

The city of Fengcheng said its mayor visited Jiangxi Xin Hai Yang Precision Components on Friday, but made no mention of the workers' strike. In awebsite posting, the city government said the supplier manufactures computers, servers, printers, mobile phones, and employs 5,500 people.

"Industries that want to manage, and improve efficiency, must also at the same time put their people first and pay more care to their workers' lives," the post added.

Workers at the factory make a base salary of 1300 yuan $207 a month, according to SACOM.]  emphasis added

Imagine that, even Chinese communists place people before profits.

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