Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adventure in Grammar for Today

When did writers start hating adjectives and misusing poor, misunderstood apostrophes to turn the modifier into a possessive noun?

From the Orlando Sentinel Sports front page 29 May: "...When the conference's (sic) presidents, athletic directors, and coaches meet at the Hilton Sandeston this week..."

Conference, although a noun, can find use as an adjective and modify all 3 following nouns.  Since it serves as an adjective here, one cannot use the apostrophe to make it own anything.

Also, why do FL public servants who work as university presidents, AD's, and coaches, always have to stay in Hiltons or at a Ritz-Carlton?  Because they couldn't book a room at the Econo Lodge?  Do you think they have to fly coach?

Meanwhile, let a college kid get dinner and a few lap dances paid for by a booster and the NCAA will call down the wrath of God and brimstone upon the offenders.

Meanwhile, the system continues the absurd hypocrisy of taking blood money out of the lives of indentured gladiators--excuse me, student athletes--and makes billions of dollars, and I keep buying Gator gear 'cause that's my team.

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