Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Can't Racists Spell?

While condemning hate speech and thought, still wonder how men playing war games amounts to federal crimes?   These boys in St Cloud just ran around the woods drinking beer, shooting guns, and blowing stuff up.

Sounds like Saturday in the swamps to me.

Yet if you start a petition in their support, for Hitler's sake spell correctly.

[A man who identified himself as Jaybug Garrean initiated the Free Richard 'Adam' Stockdale and the AF 11 petition Wednesday on It urges Gov. Rick Scott to release the suspects.
It only has one signature.
Garrean wrote that the suspects are being discriminated by the federal government.
"They are charged with 'paramilitary training' which quite a few people do, and which is demonstrated on shows about dooms day preparation. No crime there," he wrote. "The real crime if you ask me is these 11 people being arrested simply because their {sic} white."]

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