Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reflections from Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Nothing serious.  Kind of funny situation actually, 2 colonoscopies in 2 days, plus an endoscopy to boot.

Really hate reading bloggers whine about their personal life like lost my cell phone but new bad stuff coming as full moon in retrograde of Uranus astrology crap and I also have german Lutheran privacy fetish and abhor writing about myself in first, or worse, third person.

Nevertheless in this case, find it funny and making a practical political point: all 3 procedures, by benefit of the Affordable Care Act--labeled as Obamacare by the rightwing nutjobs--carry no co-payments.

No crushing co-payments I could not pay, no accompanying collection calls from debt vultures picking at my financially broke carcass for years, the health care providers just will have to take just the thousands paid by health insurance and not try to bleed me dry.

Wonder what my local representative, Daniel Webster, wants to replace Obamacare with?

Oh, wait, I already know: a broke ass system where if you broke you can't get medical care until a perhaps minor medical problem goes critical and lands a human in an Emergency Room of a non-profit hospital which by law has to take everyone regardless of ability to pay, thus spreading huge costs which regular care might have mitigated to all insurers and paying patients.

Plus, Propofol anesthesia gives great hallucinations when you wake up.  Well, detailed instead of great as mine had me popping a beer in front row at start of Magic playoff game right as POlice came to haul me away for outstanding warrants.

Props to Michael J.  If you gonna do drugs, do the best.  Just get yourself a better doctor.

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