Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beer, It Does a Body Politic Good

Professor Juan Cole, professor at Univ. of Michigan, made some trenchant comments on the recent election in Egypt, noting humans often vote against candidates on different extremes.  Salafis in Egypt seem to have overplayed their hand with their aversion to beer.

[As for the Salafis, they unwisely began talking about banning beer, and if there is one thing the Egyptian electorate is sure about it is that they like beer.

Ironically, you meet lots of Egyptian men with beards and prayer beads who are leftists, and clean-shaven, dapper men who are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. You suspect that they could fairly easily change their minds.

You have to think about what people are voting against, not just what they seem to be voting for. Last fall they were voting against the fulul, the remnants of Mubarak’s corrupt regime. This May, some large number of Egyptians are telling pollsters that they will be voting against a Muslim Brotherhood one-party state. They will be voting against Salafi puritanism. It is not that the Muslim fundamentalist candidate cannot win, but he now has high negatives to overcome.] emphasis added

May the minor muse of grammar forgive for misusing good as adverb to modify the verb does, but thought this headline funnier.

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