Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bi Polar: Not just a condition but an adventure

Keep your arms and feet in the ride vehicle at all times.  Do not exit the ride vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

[...We parted ways for about a day, and then I came back, and she was there but gone.

She had written all over her walls, her desk, her floor, strange alphanumeric scribbles that contained deep meaning for her. She was communicating with the dead, a few specific dead people who spoke directly into her head. For a while she believed that I was the reincarnation of Karl Marx, but then decided that in fact she was. She couldn’t stop talking or scribbling for long enough to eat, or drink, or even smoke a cigarette. She was exhausted, gaunt. Over the course of a few hours, she started speaking in deep voices, increasingly frequently, and when they came over her she would tremble uncontrollably. And most worrying for me — she had come to the conclusion that she was meant to travel back in time to fix things (what specifically varied quite a bit), and that the way she had to do it was through a ritualistic suicide. Honestly, it was like she was possessed by a demon. The devil played prominently in her delusions (she’s an atheist), and often satanic symbolism would occur in her scribblings, which she wouldn’t even notice unless I pointed them out. Though it was a warm day, I would find myself shivering. It was a horrific thing to behold...]


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