Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fight for the Right to Arm Bears

Or the right to bare arms.  Bare everything in San Francisco.  Having few inhibitions and a day under my metaphorical belt at the nudie beach, it occurs that public nudity of average people does not turn out that titillating or exciting.  Middle aged people generally got lumps and bulges and varicose veins so that getting nekkid in public not exactly recommended.

Oh, I'll stand behind anyone fighting for free expression, but doesn't mean I needed to see the trim gentleman's sack hanging down to the sand at Playalinda.  Golly, guy either had to shuffle his feet to walk or kick his nuts out of the way to take a step.

[The Associated Press
Four protesters were arrested entirely in the buff as they took to the steps of San Francisco City Hall in a brazen challenge of the city's ban on public nudity on Friday, the first day it went into effect.

One woman and three men — one wearing just a mesh thong — were taken into custody as about a dozen other protesters in various states of undress paraded around with painted slogans on their bodies, holding up signs with messages such as "The Human Body is Beautiful."

Police gave them a 15-minute warning to disperse or put pants on before officers arrested those who failed to cover themselves. The protesters said their arrest would advance the cause of "body freedom."

"No matter what, we're going to continue practicing body freedom," said Gypsy Taub, a mother of two who hosts a local cable program devoted to the nudist cause. "In a society that's repressed and crazy, that glorifies war and at the same time criminalizes the human body ... nudity is a political statement."]

Nudity as a public statement.  Wonder if that line will work, "Hey, baby, wanna see my political statement?"

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