Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Do Abusers Always Love Their Victims?

Consider it a rhetorical question, for surely these abusive behaviors stem from control issues, plus an unhealthy dose of mental illness.  Considering my marriage to a bi polar female, I can almost sympathize because they can push every button and get on nerves you never even knew you had.

Like when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, i woke up tp an unending stream of verbal abuse, with her screaming at me I planned to go to a party without her, an accusation with no basis.  We had steaks in the fridge and beer stocked up and that made my plans for the evening.  She still started screaming at me when I'd just opened my eyes.

Nevertheless, yelling at someone back does not elevate the level of discourse.

Finally, she followed her pattern, fleeing across the street to friend's house to complain about me.

Just a few hints in case any of y'all have domestic quarrels.  First, don't start playing Puddle of Mud's "Blurry" at wall shaking volume to prove your love.

Do not yell at your busybody neighbor suggesting anatomically impossible acts.

Do not piss off the police by telling them to get a damn warrant, even if they do knock on your door at 2 am while you lay on the floor in vodka induced stupor, even if the damn call to them got made at 2 in the afternoon.

Most importantly, don't tell the PoPo where she went, or you'll find yourself hauled to the hoosegow, ruining a nice buzz and judge will also prevent you from going back to your own damn house.

Foolish me; kept things together for a few more years, even though she'd flee at drop of a hat, like 2 days after I got out of the hospital after chest surgery.

Still, she had the nerve and me the lack of self esteem to go stay with her for a night during the worst of hurricane Charley in 2004.

Clue it might be over, if you have to put a knife under your pillow in case her ex con boyfriend made it down from Sanford to Orlando, it might be over.

But I never laid hands on her.

Hope they can find an electric chair big enough to fry this fat fuck.

[By Amelia Robinson
Staff Writer

During a self-described ‘walk of shame’ statement that seems more self-serving than apologetic, a 550 pound murder suspect shockingly declares love.

“I am sorry I took your world away from you Dawan. That was not my intent,” 39-year-old Dameon L. Wesley says into a WHIO-TV camera. “Love you with all of my heart. I am still in love with you. I guess God do get his justice and that’s why I am right here, right now. “

Police say Wesley, a convicted murder recently released from prison, on Sunday fired multiple shots into the head of 13-year-old Briona Rodgers , the daughter of Dawan Culpepper — the woman the suspect claims to love so much.

Family members say Wesley may have been in a conflict with Culpepper before shooting her daughter.

He also allegedly shot Culpepper’s niece Alonta Culpepper, 13, and a student at Wogaman School.

Briona died. Alonta is clinging on to life.]
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