Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Holy Gay Marriage, Batman!

[DC Comics has a surprise twist in store for the latest issue of their “Batwoman” comic: A gay marriage proposal.

In addition to a “massive conclusion to the current storyline as Batwoman and Wonder Woman struggle to defeat Medusa and a horde of villains,” readers will also see Batwoman pop the question to her longtime secret love, captain Maggie Sawyer. Sawyer once served on the supernatural task force with Superman, but was transfered to Gotham City to head their Major Crimes Unit. Oh, and have a tortured but super hot relationship with Batwoman!

DC Comics has been making a serious — if imperfect — effort at diversifying their super squad with reboots of various characters, Batwoman being just one.

And while the possibility of Kate (Batwoman’s real identity — don’t tell anyone I told you) and Maggie’s nuptials is a pretty natural part of their storyline, it also probably doesn’t hurt for DC to get a little good press on gay rights.]

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