Saturday, February 2, 2013

Puppies of War

In continuing orgy of spending like epic drunken sailors, done without regard for wisdom or sense, the United States military, imbued with the stupidity of a million dunces, plans to do brain scans of brains of puppies to find those most warlike.

The Pentagon spends so much money, just shoving piles of cash with front end loaders, they might as well just light it on fire.

You've got to hand it to the Masters of War, profiting off of this undeclared war on terror, setting aside all common sense and reason in vain and doomed attempt to fight a war of ideas with bullets.

[Pentagon bosses are planning to develop puppy-brain scanning technology so they can spot the best dogs to train for the armed forces.

According to a new research solicitation from Darpa, the project, codenamed called FIDOS, for 'Functional Imaging to Develop Outstanding Service-Dogs' will use magnetic image resonator scans to look for puppies that show potential.

The project specifications say it will 'optimize the selection of ideal service dogs' by scanning their brains to find the smartest candidates, while 'real-time neural feedback' will help optimise training.]
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