Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Belated Darwin Day

Happy belated Darwin Day, not to confuse with the Darwin Awards, because Charles Darwin born on 12 February 1809.  Run this passage by your creationist know nothing Luddite Republican't friends and family and see who shuns you and the truth.

[His work and its significance illustrate a great deal about what science is, and what it is not....

The basic idea that simpler life forms have gradually developed into more complex ones over time dates back at least to the Romans. Darwin's theoretical contribution was to propose themechanism by which this process happens. Any population of organisms contains some variation among its members, and some of these variations will be more conducive to survival and reproduction than others. As a result, the individuals which carry those variations will usually produce more offspring, and if those favorable variants are inherited traits (an important qualification), they will become more common in the population, so that over time the nature of the population changes.

It seems like a tiny effect, but operating over long enough spans of time, it can change a population of simple self-replicating molecules into a population of highly complex organisms such as you and me.]

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