Sunday, February 17, 2013

Would Y'all Get Off Dwight Howard's Back?

He broke his back carrying the Orlando Magic, literally and figuratively. He now averages a double double for a new team with a new couch, another superstar gobbling up all the shots, and an aging cast of veterans.

Who now plays point guard for the Lakers?  Who do they have on the roster besides the baller now known as Metta World Peace?  Does Luke Walton still play in LA for the Lakers?

C'mon, has anyone in Lakers organization seen tapes of Dwight in Orlando, with a point guard who timed up alley oops with him, the pick and roles SVG ran incessantly?

You gotta ask your if exists there a coach who can draw up plays to get the ball to the bigs.  Remember relatively recently the hated Celtics had a trio of tall folks who had a bit of success?  Untrained eyes focus on Mr. Bird but his 2 compadres used actual designed plays and screens and cuts to the basket and passing to score.

Plus, they also played a bit of defense.

People don't see the puppet master's team--another team in FL not my beloved Orlando Magic--playing great defense.  They pick up their men early up high, press them, rotate, and also play the passing lanes.  You can't beat them with lazy offense: cross court or sluggish passes, and quick missed threes with long rebounds leading to runout baskets which can add up to Heat scoring binges.  (hey statboys, lemme see that stat, baskets made by teams after opponents missed threes.)

For Dr. Naismith's sake can't anyone block out on defensive rebounds?  Letting Chris 'softer than tissue paper" Bosh rebound at will on offense amounts to a crime against basketball.

Frustrates me bad I can't wait until Cubs season starts.

How pathetic is that?

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