Sunday, May 25, 2014

Immaculate Conception?

FL Today p3c: Local player NCBA World Series. Former Cocoa Beach resident Sky Beck, a member of a University of FL National Club Assoc. team which this year makes a second trip ina row, "The only 2 such births in UF's history."

So glad my favorite university has become the first in recorded human history to give birth. One wonders who impregnated the Gator, so to speak, if the birth came not from a virgin.

If the birth were not virgin, one would presume the male author of the act as the FL Legislature for it has raped higher education for decades.

That no other university has given birth we might ascribe to use of contraceptives. The University of FL ought then to have used birth control.

Or not, as great to have as many little Gators as possible.

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