Friday, May 30, 2014

Lance Gets Lanced

60-34, Miami Heat leading Pacers at halftime; guess the kids from corn country shoulda kept their traps shut.

Sure, I love trash talking more than the average fan; hell, having based my whole on my big mouth with absolutely nuthin' to back it up, I kinda loved Lance Stephonson blowing in LeBron's ear e'en though it creeped me out.

Yet then to come out and play like already on vacay (vacation, for all y'all uncool cats) really irks me to no end.

Sure, knew going in Chris Bosh would push Roy Hibbert outa the paint, soft and softer, maybe even softest. But childish schoolyard antics count for naught when lacking basic basketball sense. On a pick and rolll, you still have to guardthe guy who sets the pick.

F or Naissmih's sake, the Heat play fairly straight, aggressive defense, overplaying the passing lanes and getting points off turnovers. So opposing teams should take care of the ball and use most of the shot clock.

"Take care of the ball," a platitude it pains me to employ but....dammit, another turnover so tuning to some NBC show 'bout Blackbeard. Hmmm, dialog well written and artful period prose. Me like.!!!!

Geez, Heat up by 32 and David West fouls out, no more turning back to the game ' cause doing so without a remote proves painful.

Could my life get any worse?

Heat 3peat, Friday night crappy night for teevee, and remote broke andc late night tak showsi in reruns so might have to watch Fallon as have seen Letterman episode.

Wonder who Kimmel has on?

Go Thunder or Spurs. San Antonio barely lost in game 6 when they could have clinched the seris.

Would love to see San Antone just to see more coach Popovich interview; he does not suffer fools gladly.

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