Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LeBron James vs.Donald Sterling,Grammar and Common Sense

Called a buddy from high school--a power forward I'd played with in high school, ancient by basketball standards but who'd managed to hang on for another year with the Orlando Magic as bench warmer, practice fodder, and 6' 11" power forward, 2 Buck Chuck--t o ask him what he thought of the Donald Sterling controversy.

"Shit, dis is news, an owner calling a player niggers?  We got global warming, Russian interventions, and 300 kidnapped girls in Nigeria, and media goes crazy over this?  Man, Rich DeVos [billionaire owner of the Orlando Magic] doesn't have any Negroes in the country clubs he goes to."

"But don't you find the comments Sterling reprehensible?"

"Don't you think it sucks the NBA has 1 owner of color, Vivek Ranadive, a brown man?Who else wanted to buy the Sacramento Kings?  No one"

"But we only have 32 NBA teams, and they rarely come up for sale."

"Yeah, and DeVos's country club can't find a qualified black member, like Augusta National just admitted a black in 1990 but didn't tell anyone his name."

"But things have moved towards equality in the 21st century?"

"Tell that to a black, gay man in the south thinking about coming out to his family.  Or how about Augusta National not admitting women until 2014?" 

"Well, LeBron James says players should boycott if Sterling stays as an owner."

"Tell him to do another McDonald's commercial and shut the fuck up.  He doesn't feed my family.  Even though DeVos doesn't even know my name, the checks he writes pays my mortgage.

Besides, he should shut his mouth, getting quoted using a double negative in a sentence.  Ignorant bitch maybe should have gone to college.  He ain't even an officer in the union.  How can he speak for all the players, for me?"

"Wait, chill big bro', you can't speak about King James like that!"

"Shit, talk about him, I'll smack hum in the mouth if he tries to dunk on me.  King James my ass!  He doesn't speak for every player so the media shouldn't run to him all the time for quotes."

"I should tape you and sell it.  Say something bad about Magic Johnson."

"Yeah, like Sterling's girlfriend sold him out.  Damn, the dude just tryin' to get laid.  And I axt you, what man wants his girlfriend getting photographed with Magic Johnson?"

"They only got into a picture together."

"It starts that way, sitting together at a basketball game.  Then they go to coffee, then a lunch, then her complaining about her man, and pretty soon Magic banging the hell out of her."

"Yes, my wife played that script often enough.."

S\"See, so when it comes to a man dealing with his woman, we ought to give the white brother a break."

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