Monday, May 5, 2014

We Was Rubes

Watching NBA playoffs while wearing my Magic jersey and seeing the legions of Orlando Magic alumni still playing,it occurs to me Richie Rich DeVos sold we citizens of Orlando a bill of goods, a fairy tale, a half baked silly dream, that if we invested $500 million in a basketball palace Dwight would stay and our little town would join ranks of basketball royalty.

Just like Amway induces marks to part w/ hard earned cash in dream of becoming distributors and moving up the steps of the Amway pyramid--prosecuted in several states as an illegal pyramid scheme--the Magic got the local yokels to pay up for a classic bait and switch, giving a low wage young team while pricey veterans still playing in post season.

Oh, they created cap room they say, rebuild through the draft. Yes, rebuild w/ players subject to a rookie wage scale. They and all sentient beings on earth knew Dwight would leave, taking less $ to escape the NBA hinterland.

Cap room for free agents, we hear.

If you believe LeBron coming to Orlando, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Meanwhile the Michigan carpetbagger, Richie Rich DeVos, laugbs all the way to the bank, remaining profitable as reported in the Orlando Sentinel, with local TV revenue, sponsorships, and revenue sharing from the Association

Meanwhile the rubes, the hayseeds, the hicks got hosed and gave us pipe dreams in return for $500 millionin public funds.

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