Sunday, May 25, 2014

Naked Crook News

FL Today also reports on one Nikoli Prvulov, a man who crashed his vehicle into a lady's car.

Not content to merely endure arrest for, we might surmise, DUI, he exited his vehicle and stripped buck nekkid (took off all his clothes for those not versed in rural idioms).

Then, he went on a porch and tried to unscrew a lightbulb.


Who knows? The man crashed and then stripped down to his birthday suit. Obviously on some drugs I'd like to try. Crazy ass bastard.

By this time, local constables arrived and tried to restore the public peace by arresting aforesaid crazy ass bastard.

Even handcuffed, Naughty Nikoli somehow managed to clmb up the side of the police car. So they had to shackle him and since he insisted on spitting at the kind officers, they had to "guide" him into the squad car, hopefully introducing his head to the roof, repeatedly.

Law and order y'all; can't do without it, or else you'll have crazy ass bastàrds waving their winkies eveywhere.

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