Monday, May 26, 2014

More Truth

Damn blogger on a stick; doesn't play nice w/ my tablet.

Elliot Rodger posted on, a site where gulliblle fools lamented wasting $ on sites purporting how to get girls, a different hottie every time, how to get "game," as taught by Pick Up Artists.

One, written by one ironically named, one presumes, Christian McQueen, even offers a personal Skype conversation w/ game guru,

Sure women seem to pick jerks rather than "perfect" gentleman" as this delusional dipwad saw himself.

First, gentleman don't murder; they summon courage to suck on the barrel and shoot.

Or summoning more courage, one lives knowing even beautful women make mistakes and pick pricks as partners, and we pray women flee abusive partmers or seek counselling amd push crappy partnerships to evolve in caring ways.

One such lady, Marilyn Spiegel, fled and divorced her abusive partner and again carved out a life away from Miami, finding love again and planning to marry her new love, who shared her love of sailing and boats.

Little comfort,then, that her ex husband found happy couple on their boat in Ft Meyers and murdered them, no doubt blaming the victims, blaming Marilyn because she wouldn't reconcile, snuffing out a wonderful life as recounted in Miami Herald.

She earned well deserved reknown as advocate for children, even gay kids and getting anti bullying act passed. In Florida. Where legislators fear The Gay, fear so much they might live in the closet as latent HoMO!-Sexuals.

Also reported the ex Mr Spigel--use the google for I shall not mention his name--arrested leaving boat in bloodstained coat carrying a briefcase.

In the briefcase reports local NBC affiliate, the human stain carried: bloody knife and gun, male boner pills, handcuffs, because nothing spells reconciliation like handcuffs a gun!

What kind of twisted fantasy did this creep act upon, let me cuff you and explain and you'll come back?


Grow up, grow a pair, and MOVE ON!

Count yourself lucky you at least got a chance at love. But abusers never see themselves as such; they blame the victim.

To young, affluent white guy w/ sense of entitlement feeling aggrieved for lack of female company, to pput it politely, GROW THE F*** UP! Try just seeing women as humans also, not just as owners of a vagina you want, and talk to them.

Golly even I--as well adjusted as I delusionally see myself--fear beautful

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