Friday, June 12, 2015

Gandalf and Dumbledore Sitting in a Tree--Spelling Equality

Some of my close personal acquaintances who shall remain unnamed--Ron Roby--practically have a brain aneurysm over the idea of gay marriage.

Having attended too many solemn and stodgy weddings, hope some gaiety would happen regularly at weddings.  Then people need to discern the difference between marriage as recognized by the government and that found in the Bible.  The first has society legally recognizing a union of 2 people and which confers benefits such as tax filings, end of life decisions and such.  (Of course, some wags say marriage itself amounts to an end of life decision.)  Thus, conferring those benefits on same sex couples spelling Equality and so provides equal protection under the law as required under the US Constitution.

As for biblical marriage, that bearded, angry old white man who watches Fox News in heaven hates homosexuals and decries marriage of same sex couples, but he does have the perfect ensemble for a gay wedding, a heavenly purple tuxedo with matching purple bow tie and ruffled shirt, guess even He likes Prince.  Also, He thinks the Westboro Baptist "Church" all kinds of batshit crazy.

Perhaps the only time I ever agreed with Fox:

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