Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grateful Dead Archive Online

Oh sweet mother of irony, found fan tape of this show in Charlotte, NC, in 1979, seen after taking seats on frat bus from Wake Forest Univ, along with my ex girlfriend, Wendy Hall, a girl from the North Country who attended Salem College, an all girls school in Winston-Salem, NC, probably the last time I saw her since my University as well as civic authorities, having taken a dim view of a gin fueled vandalism spree on my part, busied themselves running me out of town on a rail.

Fun times.

Ironic because my girl and me would be among the seemingly few people at the Charlotte Coliseum not tripping on LSD.  Actually, we stayed relatively sober since I'd have to deliver her safely back to her dorm downtown, about a half hour away from Wake.

Too tongue tied to talk, let the  love of my life walk.  Then exactly a year later on 3 May 1980 broke my neck on the beach wrestling with a rugby mate.  Unlucky much?

Now almost 40years later,we do have "fan tapes" to rellive some memories.                                                    

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