Monday, June 15, 2015

Mitt Romney's Presidential Prom While John Ellis Bush Tells Polish Jokes in Poland

So Mittens couldn't get elected, but he sure could introduce candidates to millionaires, billionaires, and gazillionaires, all the "major" contestants save for John Ellis Bush! busy flubbing his lines in Poland, meeting with a Polish politician who called we Americans losers and then stating it worthless to have a relation with us, the US of :
[Radislaw] Sikorski was caught up with several other Polish government ministers in what has become known as “waitergate,” a scandal where private conversations were secretly recorded over $500 meals at one of Warsaw’s fanciest restaurants. Sikorski, for his part, was caught complaining that Poland’s relationship with the United States was “bullshit” and “worthless” before dropping his most famous observation. “We’ll get into a conflict with the Russians and the Germans, and we’ll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a blow job,” he said. “Losers. Complete losers.” 
When asked about whether it was a good idea to still take a meeting with Sikorski, the Bush team stressed that the event had been arranged long ago. A good follow-up question, however, might have been “How long ago?” For, while the now ex-minister, ex-speaker only stepped aside the day before JEB! met him, the revelations of diplomatic oral sex are now over a year old.... 
Speaking in Berlin (before he even made it to Poland), Bush ad-libbed an assessment of Russia under Vladimir Putin. Jeb called Putin a “ruthless pragmatist” (which seemed like an attempt to split the difference between praising and criticizing the Russian leader ... because there actually is some tension in the GOP on this front) before saying NATO needs to push back, but not push too much because “ultimately Russia needs to be a European nation.” 
“Everything we do,” Bush added, “ought to be to isolate [Russia’s] corrupt leadership from its people.” 
“I think it was one of the most inane things that a candidate could run for,” observed Steve Clemons, Washington editor at large for The Atlantic, on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” noting — correctly — “the Russian people feel enormous support for Vladimir Putin.” Clemons likened the remarks to telling Texans they are ultimately part of New England.  (emphasis added)
Meanwhile back in America with the "losers," Mario "Crazy Legs" Rubio donned a pair of shorts showing off his legs, and played football--offense only--and cravenly sought cash:
It’s getting to the point where one can’t help but wonder if the reason all these Republican candidates for president are having trouble breaking away from the pack might simply be attributed to the fact that they spend so much time attending donor “summits” that they don’t have time to appeal to actual voters. Yes, most of the passengers on the GOP magic bus made yet another pilgrimage this past week-end to yet another gathering of millionaires and billionaires, this one hosted by the would-be King and wannabe Kingmaker, Mitt Romney.... 
According to one report, he “played offense the whole time, to show off his arm and avoid humiliating any millionaire campaign contributors with tough defense.”

One suspects they will all avoid talking to real voters as long as possible, since they have no new ideas, just blind faith in St. Raygunz, Ronnie Reagan Sr as you know him.  This as JEB! stumbles over his words; he wouldn't know a fact if it bit him in the ass.

Chris Christie will take a back seat to no one in pandering and sucking up to rich folk.  Don't like his stance on immigration?  He'll happily change his mind to suit yours.  Lindsey Graham who never found a war he wouldn't fight with your children's blood, attended Mitten's soiree, as did Marco "Crazy Legs" Rubio, he'll do what Obama has done, only sterner, a man who rode JEB!'s coattails in FL and never had an idea of his own.  If Johnny Ellis wants to fart, he'll have to ask Marco to move his nose first.

Of JEB!, 2008 Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman wrote, "So Jeb! is basically promising that as president, he can generate Florida-style bubbles, which bring disaster when they burst, to the rest of America!"

Forget American history, John Ellis doesn't even know his own family history, glaringly displayed when he gave his sycophant suk up shadow a golden sword; hope it had no sharp edges cause morons shouldn't have sharp swords.

Marco "Crazy Legs" Rubio

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