Monday, June 8, 2015

Honey Boo Boo: WHY GOD WHY?

Even though mywhole life revolves around television shows. somehow i managed to avoid watching anything about or with Honey Boo Boo, a bountiful, buxom, baby beauty queen, with just too much of the honey sticking on Boo Boo's body; some descrptions called her obese.

"Charitably called obese," could charirably get used 'cause the girl fat: F-A-T-fat.

Except now Mama June herself works out with a personal trainer and has lifestyle advice for us all: juicing, especially juices made by her trainer, who presumably eludes the elixir by doing zumba in a tub with fruitsand vegetables, capturing consequent concoction.

Just.  Kill.  Me.  Now.

Mama June amounts to the last person on earth to take diet advice from.

There loomsa great image: MamaJune stuffed into spandex stompingon vegetables in unison with Richard Simmons.

And the Earth shudders as it turns.  Diet advice from a woman with 3 chins ansa VW Bug under her belt.

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