Sunday, June 14, 2015

"What Liberal Media?"

Find it almost hysterically funny for Fox news and their ilk to rail against the so-called liberal media; on a fundamental, existential level the media, which after all must pay the bills and provide enough remuneration for writers to live on oatmeal and Tang, must hew close to a mainstream view or else risk starvation., thus the Media drumbeat for war in the run up to the Viet Nam imbroglio--oops, meant Iraq but momentarily overcome by deja vu.

So, discerning news consumers must look far afield for heterodox views to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy: the great Orange Satan of Daily Kos which challenges everything, the Stay at Home Feminist Mom who challenges the patriarchy,  and the Field Negro who roots out racism and challenges all Americans to look in the mirror.

If we really had a liberal media, we might read stories about how tax cuts primarily benefit the wealthy:
A progressive tax program is designed to tax people very little as they are starting out and progressively increase their rates as they do better. 
Republican plans seem designed to do exactly the opposite: shift the tax burden off of the wealthy and onto working people.

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