Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Real Reason Behind Charleston Massare: A horrible haircut

My working through horrible tragedy process uses bad humour; forgive me.

Nevertheless as the first wanted pictures showed, the assailant had a bowl cut Beatles mop atop his head.  He might as well have published his address on the wanted posters; he might as well have had "Kick Me" tattooed on his forehead.  Such an atrocity could only have come from a deep sense of self loathing; he knew himself as a loser and compensated by desecrating his head.

Did dear Dylann not know a "skinhead" came with the costume of racist on Halloween?  How did this worthless faggot fuck not know?

(Please also forgive use of the term fag as a pejorative. for use refers not to sexual orientation--one should have the right and freedom to live and love and marry and build and maintain a relationship of choice--but just because I have run out of words with which to vilify this vermin.)

From other pictures of this pasty faced skinny white boy, it seems screamingly obvious he compensated for his shortcomings by giving himself a Nancy boy haircut to maximize ridicule applied to himself.  And his dad gave him the gun used in his murderous assault.  What an idiot, having a gun does not make a boy become a man.  Taking responsibility for one's actions makes one a man.

This pipsqueak pencil neck geek thought to evade responsibility for his acts by fleeing.  If only death by electric chair would come back so authorities would shave off that carefully coiffed mop.

Lastly and certainly the least, hopefully this odious excuse for a human could enter next year the fourth annual Brooklyn Smallest Penis Contest.

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