Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FL Attorney General Bondi Backs Repeal Amendment

In a stunning display of legal illogic, Constitutional quackery, and ignominious ignorance of US history, Atty General elect of FL, Pam Bondi, announces she backs amending the Constitution so 2/3 of the states can nullify an act of the Federal Congress.

First, ever since Marbury vs. Madison, the federal courts serve as arbiters of questions on federal powers and the rights of individual states under the 10th Amendment.

Has anyone told Pam 'bout the war to preserve the Union, begun ironically enough 150 years ago with South Carolina seceding from federal government?

Pam, the South lost.

Consider Constitutional questions coming with giving a confederation of states power to overrule federal legislation and so oppose the authority of the Congress and the United States Supreme Court.

[Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi says she wants to help restore balance between the federal government and the states. Today she announced her support of the Repeal Amendment, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would allow two-thirds of the states to repeal any law or regulation of Congress.

So far, the legislative leadership in a little less than one-quarter of the states has committed to trying to get the amendment passed. Besides Florida, those states include Virginia, Texas, Montana, Iowa, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Utah. Bondi is one of just three attorneys general who have publicly announced their support.

"The federal government has significantly overstepped its constitutional boundaries by enacting a health care mandate that is not only unconstitutional and an abuse of government power, but will devastate our economy, create a shortage of doctors and a loss of jobs," said Bondi. "The Repeal Amendment would create an extraordinary remedy to fight back against the most extraordinary instances of federal overreach.”

Ken Cuccinelli, attorney for the commonwealth of Virginia, says the Repeal Amendment will act as an important check against an expanding federal government.

“I am enthusiastically supporting the repeal amendment in order to restore the balance of power between the citizens and the federal government," said Cuccinelli. "Over the past several decades, no matter which party is in charge, the federal government has been eroding  the authority of the states and the liberty of citizens.”]

Emphasis added but why even bother when this fool's appointed herself Queen of Constitutional Questions.

Devastate our economy?

Oh, do you mean even more devastation than the ditch dug by the Cheney administration?

Shortage of doctors?.  US already has shortage of general peactitioners,  Ain't no Dr I ever known who missed a Lexus payment worrying about takeover of health care.

Just face the fact, Pam, the US spends more on healthcare and gets worse performance than any other industrialized Western nation.  (Link later but reading her claptrap hurt my brain.)

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