Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesus, You know I didn't mean to sound meanful to that militant Samaritan at SoDo Target

"Seriously, she saw me sitting there in 'lectrtic scooter going no where so what could she do?

OK, maybe I could have smiled and said something more social than, 'If you can magically put juice in this machine, go ahead/'

But do you know how annoying it gets to have ever'one try to help me as they want to do despite all reasonableness and without asking me,, ripping doors out of my hands and me falling flat on my face in public, pushing the damn wheelchair without asking me and near 'bout breaking me knuckles?"

"Not specifically but surmise.  You do know people have an innate desire to help?"

"Sure, but don't they have to do it in the right spirit to make it count for extra credit?"

"I don't keep score; you'll have to ask My Father that question."

Silence.  An uncomfortable silence on my part since I make up both sides of this Dialogue with myself.

"OK, what really made me mad?  Her telling her daughters within my hearing, 'Gosh, you just try to help some people and see how they act?'"

"Maybe as they pulled out of the parking lot the mother reminded her children to try to help because they might help an angel without even knowing it?"

"OK. OK.  But which do you laugh at more: when I fall down in private or public?"

"You know I know you think pratfalls funny, so we laugh at both."

"You got that right Lord."

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