Friday, December 31, 2010

"The Tragic Case of the Scott Sisters:" give a kidney to be free

[Ten months later, a Scott County jury found the sisters guilty of armed robbery and sentenced them each to double life sentences.

Their alleged co-conspirators, three then-teenagers known as “the Patrick boys,” took plea bargains—confessing to robbing Duckworth and Hayes—and testified against the sisters in return for lesser sentences. The Patrick boys all served no more than three years in jail.]

There you go, Haley Barbour, ignore the justice your Jesus commands and obey your "Christ" like continuation of centuries of slavery.

Fuck You.

Fuck You, Haley Barbour, fuck you and my country that a racist, fat pig and proud o nothing half term governor od Alaska can actually gain credence" on the "national stage."

My nieces embody my hope for the future--my nephews too but they don't deign to talk to me--so have eschewed using the "F" word on my blog save for passing of Tim Russert.  As if in a scene from my  novel when the UCF professor learns newly constructed condos afford a view of his "air bath,." in backyard of his family manse.

"As if their sons lack penises and their daughters will never see one."

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