Friday, December 24, 2010

Illegal Aliens Counted in Census; Do They Count to RepubliKKKans?

[This week's announcement that Florida will pick up two congressional seats and a pair of additional electoral votes certainly enhances the state's clout in Washington.

But that extra political muscle comes with an interesting twist: The state would have gained only one additional seat had the Census counted just U.S. citizens, one researcher found.

It's a strange and little known quirk of the Census process -- that people who cannot vote help influence future elections -- which in 2010 helped Florida at the expense of states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri.
The methodology has politicians in states that lost seats angry and also puts some Florida Republicans in an awkward position, given tough talk recently over illegal immigration....]  emphasis added
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Oh that quirky census.  Got to love it that felons also count to divide up House of Representative seats.  So incarcerated non-voters often in FL in rural areas likely to vote RepubliKKKan, count for representation but obviously cannot vote.

Smell the Democracy.

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