Sunday, December 26, 2010

Help Dan Crews Learn to Live

Mr. Crews needs $ because in the US for profit medical system with little safety net for the unfortunate it takes millions to keep a completely paralyzed person alive much less provide a decent quality of life.

He has gotten thousands of cards since his story ran on ABC News.  If he gets thousands more with $10 in each, that would ease financial pressures.

Myself a survivor of a spinal cord injury after a simple fall at the beach, it takes more than $ or well wishers to want to live.  In my case, it took the rain to bring an epiphany.  On a stryker frame with weights hanging from screws drilled into my head to stabilize my neck, saw lightning miles away from my hospital bed in Melbourne, FL.

With near total paralysis--able to bend legs a bit at the knees, move my shoulders, but both hands in a claw after a c4-c5 cervical fracture, knew could not make it throught the rest of my life on my own so prayed to Jesus for a sign, to make it rain, to let me know He'd support me.

The lighting came closer and indeed rain came, pelting the panes.

Imagine that, came the thought, rain on a May night in FL.  (Sarcastically,) sure, That coincidence sends my sign.

But each time rain waned and doubt came, rain pelted the panes a bit harder, a dozen times or more, until finally peace fell as soul knew Jesus would be for me no matter what, until tears rolled down my cheeks and laughs bellowed forth from my guts, until I answered Hamlet's question for myself as must all humans but knew had to do more than "be" but had to become.

So the self pity of Mr. Crews comes natural to me too as with all children of God, but he hasn't realized he can still become.  He could become a bit like me, a blogger, among the lowest of scum of the literary pond, but still communicate to the world with a laptop and and internet connection.

St Jude's ghost, if the crippled cracker or this little ant in his empire of dirt can do it, anyone can.  (CCracker's layout looks wicked cool and mine canned from Blogger.)  Aspire to more, Dan Crews.

Opportunity does not come.  Humans have to reach out and grab that mother' by the throat and make their own lives.

C'mon peop's, break off a Lincoln for Mr Crews, whate'er you think your Karmic dues.

Hey, Steve Jobs, howzabout an Ipod for my man in this Season of Giving?

[Dan Crews has been a quadriplegic since he was in a car accident at age 3. For the last year and a half, Crews has battled Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa to remove his ventilator.

Dan Crews wants to die, but he can't.

The 27-year-old Antioch, Ill., resident has been a quadriplegic since he was in a car accident at age 3. Paralyzed from the neck down, he can speak and eat, but his diaphragm muscles cannot move air through his lungs.

A mechanical respirator, a clear box filled with pumps and tubes, connects to his throat and breathes for him.

Every day, Crews lies in bed for hours, staring at posters of cheerleaders, watching sports he will never play. When he wants to make a call or use the computer, he asks his nurses to bring him the telephone, which he pecks at with a stick he holds in his mouth. When he's thirsty, he calls for a nurse, or for his mom, Cheryl Crews, who lives with him. They bring a drink and hold the straw up to his mouth for him as he sips.

"I have no friends. I have no education. No education prospects. No job prospects. I have no love prospects," he said. "All I want is to no longer live like this."]

Dan Crews
c/o Froedtert Hospital
9200 W Wisconsin Av
Milwaukee, WI  53226

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