Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Microsoft Fixes 40 Flaws

[Computerworld - Microsoft today patched 40 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Office, SharePoint and Exchange, including nine pegged "critical."

Five of the 17 security updates -- Microsoft calls them "bulletins" -- fixed long-standing flaws that could be used by attackers to plant malware on a PC by tricking Windows into thinking a malicious DLL (dynamic link library) was actually a legitimate part of the OS.

Only two of the 17 updates were judged critical, Microsoft's top-most threat ranking in its four-step scoring system. Another 14 were marked "important," the second-highest rating, while the remaining update was labeled "moderate."]

Even novice users can run Windows Updates, types guy who tried to make them automatic but still has to do it manually.

Simply click on Windows icon at bottom left, then settings, then control panel, and Updates under Security.

Dad, run 'em; 'tain't too hard

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