Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FL Freeze Costs Farmworkers

As you watch your nightly news hows telling you how the prices of vegetables will rise after recent freezes in FL, notice you will not hear a word about farmworkers making only a fraction of the normal pittance received for working in the fields.  Please support the Coalition for Immokalee Workers with prayer and $.  The Lord favors those who help others.

 — Since freezes began decimating Florida crops, life has been a struggle for Maria Gabriela Chaires and her family.
Her 17-year-old son asked if he should drop out of high school and get a job, but she won’t let him.
Chaires, 37, and her 77-year-old mother, Juana Galvan, work in Immokalee’s packing houses and they, like many other farmworkers, have been dealing with drastically reduced hours since the cold weather hit this year, first in January and again in mid-December.
“I have three children and I am both mother and father at the same time,” Chaires said. “Right now, things are very hard. It’s especially sad because (of) Christmas ... but the little money we have we have to use for things other than gifts.”
All the money they have goes to rent, utilities and food, she said.]

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