Sunday, January 2, 2011

FL Senate President Hires Convicted Criminal

Senate President Mike Haridopolos just figured he might as well hire a convicted crook to loot the state pension fund  Who else would have convicted experience of fraud?
[Bad judgment
What on Earth was Senate President Mike Haridopolos thinking when he hired a firm with ties to a legally compromised consultant — to advise him no less on reforming the Florida Retirement System?
He was thinking that Charles LeCroy "is an expert in the field," said a Haridopolos spokesman — never mind that Mr. LeCroy was sentenced to six months in prison in 2005 after pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud for engaging in a scheme to obtain municipal-bond business from the city of Philadelphia.
Then there is the massive Jefferson County, Ala., bribes-for-bonds investigation involving Mr. LeCroy. The Securities and Exchange Commission is pursuing a civil case against Mr. LeCroy concerning that one.
Well, that could become a "distraction," Mr. Haridopolos said after the Sentinel reported on it. So last week Mr. Haridopolos asked for Mr. LeCroy's resignation.
We've often called for reforming the state's pension system. But with $120 billion and the future of thousands of retirees at stake, it's astonishing that Mr. Haridopolos would be so reckless in his choice of advisers.]  emphasis added

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