Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Note to My Nieces

This year had fear I'd stereotyped you two in Christmas gifts: books for Helen and music for Mary.  Nevertheless, hope y'all divine the love behind my meager gifts.

So sent Mother Jones magazine hoping y'all would share in reading and develop traits that allow you to remain close sisters no matter the passage of time nor family events because having nieces and nephews has helped me survive and stay alive lo these many years.

So try to give y'all stuff from my heart which y'all might treasure later.  Ogden Nash always puts a smile upon my face, and still love dinosaur rock of Pink Floyd.

See, even as y'all create your new worlds you must love and come to terms with the past: your pasts, life, family, whatever, (whatever typed with no sarcasm.) 

So for this year, sending Wishbone Ash album to Helen 'cause whole "Got to rearrange my world," theme resonates with me.  For Mary, Michael Bloomfield Live at the Old Waldorf still sustains me.  Dude makes guitar beg, sing, cry, lie, and steal.  (OK, threw "lie" in for rhyme but ultimately, most humans cannot lie to themselves if they listen to their hearts.)

All the love in the world:

Uncle Danny

PS to Marie:  Survive and stay alive sounds redundant but any fool can stay alive and out of Darwin awards by dumb luck while survive to me means keep going on and trying to see and live positives in Life.

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