Sunday, January 2, 2011

Convicted Criminal Canned from FL Consulting Contract

Fixing our pension, Mike?  Howzabout stopping the state wasting the hard earned pensions of state workers on shady real estate deals?

[TALLAHASSEE — Senate President Mike Haridopolos on Friday abruptly fired a consultant tied to an Alabama banking scandal, a day after the Orlando Sentinel disclosed his contract.
The Merritt Island Republican said in a statement Friday that although Winter Park consultant Charles LeCroy had served his time for a corruption probe in Pennsylvania, the potential for further federal legal action against him in connection with an Alabama bribery case could prove to be a distraction.
LeCroy was sentenced to six months in prison in 2005 after pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud for engaging in a scheme to make payments to obtain municipal-bond business from the city of Philadelphia, on behalf of JPMorgan.
Haridopolos, a Merritt Island Republican, hired THGC Consulting LLC, a Winter Park-based shell company established this year, for a $90,000 consulting contract in November to provide advice on how to cut costs of the pension system, which has assets of $120 billion-plus. More on that here....

”While his criminal case has been resolved, I do not wish to have the outstanding civil case become a distraction to the hard work we must perform fixing our pension system and balancing Florida’s budget,” Haridopolos said in a statement.]  emphasis added]  emphasis added

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