Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poltroon as Profanity: WTF Orlando Sentinel and Mike Thomas?

My Dear Mr. Thomas and Sentinel letters editor:

(Tried to post below in comments on your column but got flagged for profanity so please consider as letter to the editor.)

Again admit you make great points on dropping DROP and legislators providing for themselves with extravagant pensions, but these do not make up vast majority of public servants working for my state of FL. 

Nevertheless, why your obsessive, conitinuing rants against firefighters?  Find it particularly appalling you wrote firefighters "Have too much time on their hands."  Time on their hands between saving people's lives?  Mad because Sam Zell looted Tribune employee stock plan to buy the Tribune company?  

"Public employees earn less,"  when compared to private sector employees in comparable jobs.  To which private jobs ought we compare firefighters?  YOU CAN'T.  Who else will run into a burning building to save me or you and your family?   Why not write on JEB!'s cutting taxes by 8 BILLION dollars per year for rich people by eliminating document stamp taxes for stock sales and inheritance taxes in Florida?

Have a nice day.
Dan Hill

PS:  Guess I could change my closing imprecation to "buffoon," or to quote the noted philosopher, Bugs Bunny, "Maroon." Will that last get flagged for excessive ire or irony?

PPS:  Standing offer to buy y'all a round of beers at my local, the Fillin' Station.

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