Friday, January 21, 2011

Tim Tebow Walks on Water, Leads Homeless Man to ESPN Fantasy Football Win

[Tebow helps homeless man win big in fantasy football

Perhaps it was divine intervention.
How else could one explain a homeless man beating 3.1 million people to win ESPN’s prize-eligible Fantasy Football league and a $3,500 gift card?
Well, Florida Gators icon Tim Tebow did his part.
The man, 33-year-old Nathan Harrington of Salem, Mass., became homeless after a 2009 car accident left him with nerve damage and unable to work. He was eventually forced to move his fiancee, and their 3-year-old son into a motel.
To play fantasy football, Harrington said he knocked on strangers’ doors at the motel, asking to use their computers, used the computer at his father’s nursing home, called in roster moves to friends and swung by his mom’s house and the library when he could.
Going into the last week of the season and sitting in seventh place, Harrington says his decision to start Tebow in the final, fateful week is what put him on top.
“I was sitting at my mother’s computer going nuts,” Harrington told The Salem News,recalling the debate about whether to put Tebow in the lineup. “I thought ‘I’m going to live with this guy, or die with this guy.’ I put him in, then took him out. I was thinking ‘I can’t put everything on Tebow.’ ”
Then, Harrington’s 17-year-old son, Nathan Jr., chimed in.
“Just go with Tebow,” he told his dad.
“This is right before 1 p.m., right at crunch time, I had a matter of minutes to get him in,” Harrington said.
Tebow came through with two passing touchdowns and another on the ground in a 27-point fantasy performance. It put Harrington on top by 0.8 points, a final result so close that even a single yard difference might have cost him the top prize.
Harrington says he is selling the $3,500 Best Buy gift card to his mother for $2,500 and will use the money to help move his family into a new apartment.]  emphasis added
Might as well call it divine intervention.  Now, Lord, about my Cubbies...

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