Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jesus Christ, Someone Killed My Cabbie!

"What, you ain't gonna talk to me?"

"Did you curse or want to talk?"

"Sorry, wanna to talk," as me and He, we be friends who do try to use "proper" english and yet still disobey spell check at times for effect in dialect.

Breathe in the good through the nostrils; let out the bad through the mouth.

Count to 10.  Ten breaths.

"Talk.  Listen please, when I lost my phone, the Mears dispatcher, Heather, said she only had 1 Matt working that night and he brought me back my phone, going out of his way, and I only tipped him $3 for the second trip."


"'Tweren't a cell phone but a walk around Christmas gift from my sainted sis' who still talks to me and had 2 more.  Iffen I'd of known it his last night on earth, would have given him my BOA Cubs debit card and my Personal Identification #."

"What do you want me to tell you besides Ecclesiastes chapter 3?

"Something I haven't read or heard since a child?"

"Every step a human takes leads to their last."

"'Ceptin' me, right?"

"Sure," He said with a wink and ironic smile for he to me looks like the statue at my Trinity Lutheran Church, downtown Orlando above the altar, reaching down to me.

He really doesn't "talk" to me, but let "my" fiction be.  It makes me happy even if imbued with irony.

[According to a paid obituary, donations for Matthew's son Christopher can also be sent to the McLeod Law Firm at 48 East Main Street in Apopka.],0,2698563.story

McLeod Law Firm, Apopka, FL:

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