Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Style Question: 2 spaces after a sentence ending period?

Recently, the internet told me NOT to place 2 spaces after a sentence ending period.

Silly moi, but I proudly adopt the title of curmudgeon, dinosaur or choose your preferred perjorative--poltroon anyone?--and will ever type placing 2 spaces after a sentence ending period just as learned as a lad.

One ought still spell "endeavour" as bloody well "endeavour" springs from a rich history of actual English, history, and even a space shuttle name NASA once misspelled on a banner: Endeavour.

Of course with me, this does verge on affectation and adopt archaic English spelling such as "colour," et cetera.

I just love to piss off spell check tools even though 1 taught me to spell grammar with 2 "a"s.

Red line me, damn youse spell check tools.

Don't blame software nor programmers nor engineers nor even journalists who can't even fail to use an apostrophe wrongly as in "last week's games."

Blame instead the evolutionary nature of our English language, now devolving with text tweeting twits trying communicating in 140 characters or less: ROFLMAO, BFF, or whatever cursed contractions people who don't actually learn to write use instead with that media.

So, place commas properly with appositives.

Use "well " as the adverb to modify a verb instead of "good: "We played good."

Join me, ye journalists, scribes, downtrodden, disgraced dinosaurs, .

Join in the noble fight.

"Rage, rage against the dying of the [language]"

Then, have a couple libations of your choice--choose beer--then fuhgedaboutit.  You can't hold back the tide of evolving Engish.

Just try to teach your children well with respect for style, spelling and grammar, honoring what came before while still allowing their style to evolve.  Teach Your Children [Live]

Kids, honour thy father and mother.

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