Friday, January 21, 2011

US Representative John Dingell Reading Violent Rhetoric

Even as a staunch defender of First Amendment rights to Free Speech--1 who will defend the right of expression especially for those whos disagree with me, defend until at least mild discomfort for myself--perhaps we in the United States can agree as a polity can agree on metaphors to avoid.

To wit, a list compiled at Talking Points memo:
1. Refrain from telling supporters that winning the election may require active exercise of their "second amendment" rights.
2. Refrain from suggesting it's time for "armed revolution", even if Thomas Jefferson once kinda sorta suggested that.
3. Refrain from holding political fundraisers focused around use of automatic weapons, especially target practices with initials, name or images of your political opponent.
4. Refrain from telling supporters you want them to be "armed and dangerous."
5. Refrain from making campaign posters with opponent's head in gun sights.
6. Refrain from saying that bullets will work if ballots don't.
7. Suggest that supporters not bring weapons to opponents' political rallies.

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