Monday, September 8, 2014

Dare Dolphins Drones Dream? Miami 33 New England 20

Miami, playing at home, comes back in the second half to beat New England 33-20.  We drones can celebrate tonight, but the Dolphins schedule shows a game in New England on 14 Dec.  Too many Dolphins seasons started well only to have the rest of the division reel the Fish in and keep 'em out of the playoffs.

One of the Marino years, the Fins started 7-0, beating teams down in the South Florida heat and humidity, yet still missed the playoffs with a sore armed University of Miami grad (Craig Erickson?) at quarterback after Danny injury and no running game to speak of, a recurring theme in Fish history for like forever.

So one fears this win more a Patsies falling to Earth rather than great win for the Miami Air Breathing Fish.  How many times Can Cameron Wake force fumbles on sacks?

With my nostalgia, Jason Taylor still superior as he'd get sack, force fumble AND score a TD after scooping up the ball.  So Cameron, dude, you can still do better.

Look at the link; Wake gets by the tackle so fast the camera can't follow him.

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