Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nasa News: Maven Rover arrives at Mars

For years now, the tea baggers and their preferred party, the Repubnorants, keep yammering and whining big government can't accomplish anything. 

Well, morons, NASA can go to Mars, with 1 Rover on the surface still exploring and now with MAVEN probe designed to study the Martian atmosphere arriving today.

Would it surprise anyone if the current thin atmosphere of Mars resulted from global warming eons ago?

Repubnorants actively fight science by, among other things, slashing the budget of the space agency.  Don't want to hear facts about climate change and melting of polar ice caps?  Slash the budget of NASA programs that study our Earth.


Let's hope all those marching today actually vote.  

[NASA's Maven spacecraft is on track to reach the red planet late Sunday night following a journey spanning 10 months and 442 million miles.

If all goes well, the robotic explorer will slip into Martian orbit for a year or more of atmospheric study. It's designed to circle the planet, not land.

Maven will be the first spacecraft to focus on the upper atmosphere of Mars. Scientists believe the Martian atmosphere holds clues as to how Earth's neighbor went from being warm and wet billions of years ago to cold and dry. That early wet world may have harbored microbial life, a tantalizing question yet to be answered.]
NASA's Maven explorer arriving at Mars after year

Picture courtesy NASA, view from Mars Rover, this is freakin' Mars, people.  Mars!  It's Mars, bitches!

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